Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting out strong

In the past week, we've made rapid progress on organizing and things are looking great! Here are just a few key points we are working on right now:

August 5th is the updated date for the exhibition of all artwork. This is the same night as the gallery crawl and we are super excited about the potential.

Papergirl is strictly a non-profit, member-driven, community project. That being said, we are encouraging everyone who is passionate about their community, art, bikes, and having a fun time to donate anything they can for the cause. This means artwork (the project's necessity), (wo)man-hours and biking, art supplies, and money donations. Money is NOT a high priority, however if you want to loan a hand, but can't in any other way, we will happily accept your gracious donations! Supplies or connections to supplies are much preferred though.

Can you ride a bike? Can you toss a mean roll of artwork to a vulnerable pedestrian to brighten their day? Can you have fun with friends and enjoy meeting new people? If so (how could you not?!), then come on out and ride with us! This is the ultimate reward of Papergirl, so please be a part of this exciting experience!

Are you excited? We sure as hell are!

More updates soon

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